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Standing strappado in red

Posted on January 12th, 2012  ♥  Tags:   ball cuff   heels   hoodie   posture collar   red   skirt   spreader bar   stockings   strappado   wig

My favourite thing about strappado with a spreader bar is how it leaves me feeling so vulnerable. There is nothing I could do if someone wanted to do… anything, with the rear being out in open air like that.

There is also an interesting rush that I get during this time to time that happens when I feel like I lost my balance and I have to step forward quick and it just happens I do not even realize until after when coming down from the rush. I think it has something to do with spacial disorientation with restrictive devices in such an awkward pose. At the end when the release melted and snapped free I was whipped up to a standing position very fast that that also felt interesting. I vidcapped that in a few slides because I liked the way the hair was flying.

Here is one of those thoughts I usually keep to myself: I wonder what it is like to be pounded like that.

Some of these vidcaps got out of order… not entirely sure how that happened.

Time: 36 minutes

Release: iced latch (new design, more on that later when it is perfected)

Click for the vidcap series

Maid for strappado

Posted on May 8th, 2011  ♥  Tags:   bound   cuffs   heels   maid   panties   pantyhose   petticoat   posture collar   rope ratchet   spreader bar   stress position   wig

Take two with the strappado idea, this time with an additional rope from the posture collar to the spreader bar. Oh and a maids outfit :D

Click to see the photo set!

I had to try Strappado…

Posted on May 5th, 2011  ♥  Tags:   bound   cuffs   heels   panties   pantyhose   pink   posture collar   spreader bar   strappado   stress position

I have never done strappado before, and I really wanted to try it. Since I had not before I used a quick snap on the wrists instead of a lock because I did not know what it would be like. How easy would it be to get out of? How high could I go? These were things I needed to find out before trying it seriously.

Those quick snaps are not very quick to get off when at a funky angle like that. I went a little too high too next time I will try to stop a pull early. Go go rope ratchet.

Survey says, more strappado in my future.

Click to see the photos :D

So this is a figging bench…

Posted on September 5th, 2010  ♥  Tags:   ballet heels   bodystocking   bound   figging   hood   spreader bar   stocks

Took my coffee table, padded it, strapped the stocks to it. Wah-la, I now have another perfect spanking/figging/forced bench. Today I went the route of trying figging again. I used a rope ratchet to strap the stocks on, and another underneath to pull the knee tie up close to the table and keep it there. I also cut a rather nice sized piece of the ginger root for this.

Keeping with the first time I tried this, it was once again mindblowing. It starts out as nothing, then builds, then builds, 20min later I realized my entire body was shaking against the stocks and table it was bound to, and there was no give, yet alone escape!

Click for vidcap galleres.

Pole Position; A-Frame Set 1

Posted on June 13th, 2010  ♥  Tags:   bound   posture collar   spreader bar   zentai suit

Yesterday I had the mind to build some simple rigs that could be exploited for self-binding, with the idea of them being cheap and changeable like an erector set. This time I built it into an A-Frame type of structure, to lock the posture collar to the tip and the tie the legs to the sides. To keep it simple I then locked my wrists to the ring on the front of the posture collar.

With this I achieved two different “positions”, the first I call the “prayer” because of the type of sitting forced by the frame and the position of the hands being locked to the neck in front of the face.
I also tested how easy it was to move around (if at all) while bound to this rig. The most I could really do is shift balance to roll onto my back. With the tip of the frame being behind the head there was a headrest and the weight of the head keeps the legs up. This I called the “beached turtle” or “turtle on her back” because once I was on my back there was not much I could do other than rock back and forth, hehe.

Click for vidcap galleries

Third Stretch, After Work Nap

Posted on May 20th, 2010  ♥  Tags:   bound   cb6000   posture collar   rope ratchet   spreader bar

I am becoming quite fond of this setup. Tonight I decided to take a nap. I also decided to forgo the zentai suit tonight. In this series I was sporting of course the posture collar but also my CB6000, which I have been in all day anyway. This time I went with a spreader bar on the ankles only, just to add more variety. What a nice hour and a half nap.

It was kind of cool after seeing the time elapse by way of the coming darkness.

Click for vidcap gallery

A Good Stretch Spreads Well

Posted on May 16th, 2010  ♥  Tags:   bound   rope ratchet   spreader bar

A variation on yesterday’s work; the addition of spreader bars. I have never liked spread eagle much as it is hard to setup when alone in a way that is inescapable but escapable when the release allows for it. This rig here I think has actually solved the issues I had with it. I used the wooden spreader bars I made one for the wrists locked to the floorboards by a chain, and one for the ankles tied to the rope ratchet. The wrist one is locked at each end forming a triangle shape out of the bar and chain, and the ankle one has an eyelet in the centre for pulling on. I found this more comfortable than the first stretch as my arms did not tire near as fast. Also I was able to tighten this much harder than the previous version while remaining comfortable – probably because the direct force is first exerted upon the bar before the body.

When using the ratchets it is good to take it slow, tighten them up first and try it for a few minutes before pulling it even tighter.

Also to address a question about how it is tightened, I have included a video clip. It is a M4V file I do not know if you need QuickTime or not on Windows. It works for me, tee hee.

Click for vidcap gallery and video of using the rope ratchet in this

The smell of bondage in the morning

Posted on April 10th, 2010  ♥  Tags:   boots   bound   frogtie   posture collar   spreader bar   zentai suit

This morning was just to beautiful to let go to waste.

Quick frog tie, spreader bar, collar, and then testing out the new anchor points I mounted in the floor earlier this week. The feel of the warm sun was marvelous.

Quick ball like session

Posted on April 4th, 2010  ♥  Tags:   ballet heels   bound   cuffs   frogtie   spreader bar   zentai suit

As one of my alternate online aliases (solostill) suggests, here we have another standard holiday weekend, and I have the home alone to myself. I had gotten bored playing video games, and decided to go see a movie the new Clash of the Titans. However, I had two and a half hours before the next showing so I decided I can go but only if I properly time a bondage release to let me out in time. I elected to go with the standard stocking ice release method that I have come to depend on.

I also went with a ball style tie and decided to incorporate one of the wooden spreader bars I have laying everywhere anymore, and then I found the ballet heels that have been neglected for far too long. First I went with my recent favourite, the frogtie. Ankles to thighs! Then I attached one end of the spreader bar to the ankle cuffs. Of course I already had the posture collar on.

It was at this point as I realized I forgot the shoes, so I put them on and bent over to attach the other end of the bar to the ring on the front of the collar. Last step, reach back and do my wrist cuffs.

My timed release worked pretty well, the keys were dropped 20 minutes before the movie started giving me plenty of time before the movie started to unbind and go.

Click to see the vidcap gallery from this session…

Two More Sleeping Barred Positions

Posted on October 2nd, 2009  ♥  Tags:   bound   scene   spreader bar

Two more different positions used this week.

This first one I think is my favourite of all four so far, though it seems harder to work my hands to undo the padlock.


This one required me to cut a special spreader bar for the length of my arms, the two previous ones were too long.


Of course, these should never be attempted without a butt plug, hehe.