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Bon-4 Silicone Chastity Device
Bon-4 Silicone Chastity Device
Vented silicone male chastity device - $159.00
Bon 4 Plus Silicone Chastity Set
Bon 4 Plus Silicone Chastity Set
Comes with two different sized cages, perfect for when the weather changes and you require a refit - $189.00
CB6000 Male Chastity Device
CB6000 Male Chastity Device
The industry standard in polycarbonite male chastity - $149.00

A weekend of distraction – Chastity and Anal Megapost

Posted on November 19th, 2012  ♥  Tags:   anal insertion   bon4   chastity   pantyhose   riding   stockings

So I am 26 and just now started teething my wisdom teeth and it really sucks/hurts. I found out though if I keep myself busy playing I almost don’t feel it. Then m’lady decided I should put the Bon4 back on this weekend. Here is a compilation thread of all the things I was doing instead of doing what I really should have been doing, like, cleaning. LOL. 134 photos and a video!

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Why I prefer the Bon4 over the CB6000

Posted on October 5th, 2012  ♥  Tags:   bon4   cb6000   chastity

The CB6000

The Bon4

Over the years I’ve spent quite a bit of time with these two devices. I often get asked if and why I prefer the Bon4, so I figured it would be handy to outline it in one spot I can link to instead of having to retype it all the time.

Both devices are designed to do the same thing: stop you from using your penis without consent. For some reason though the Bon4 just isn’t getting the amount of traffic the CB6000 gets and I don’t know why.

If you are unfamiliar with one or the other, here are all my pictures with the Bon4 and here are all my pictures with the CB6000.

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Up My Butt – Part 4 – A Fist

Posted on July 16th, 2012  ♥  Tags:   anal insertion   bon4   chastity   corset   fisting   stockings

I actually did this the same night as the webcam, but then forgot all about it to post.

This has been one of the most common suggestions so far. I have been falling behind as I have an entire queue now to work though of ideas that people have sent me over the past few months.

Seeing as how there is nobody else here to lend a fist, I’ll have to use my own. Which, let me tell you is extremely difficult and sort of hurts my wrist. The human body (or at least mine) does not seemed to have been designed with this type of activity in mind, heheh. On top of it just being difficult to do, once in there is not really much I can do. Just getting there pushes the limits of my dexterity in that direction.

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Cumming from Anal Riding

Posted on July 4th, 2012  ♥  Tags:   anal insertion   black   bon4   chastity   collar   corset   cum   red   riding   stockings

I have been using this toy and riding it like this for years, but it has not been until this year and not until the Bon4 where I have been able to actually cum from riding it. I did this on webcam the other night.

This was an exceptional night that a few lucky people got to see live – I came and squirted three times through the chastity device. No touching it, no vibrators. Done purely through anal stimulation. Makes me wonder if a normal sized person could make me squirt too. That toy is huge. The difference there is they would have control, not me. I bet it would work.

If you missed it, no worries the video has been recorded and archived over in the webcam archive.

Click to see the vid caps.

Sleeping in male chastity and dealing with that painful denied morning wood

Posted on June 27th, 2012  ♥  Tags:   chastity

I think this will be a good post for answering a lot of questions that people ask. Today I will discuss certain aspects of how male anatomy works and the results with chastity devices. I don’t claim to be a biology expert, but I do understand the basic principals and am putting them together with my experience. So here is why it happens (the painful morning wood), how to resolve the issue each morning, and some preventative tips to make it less of an issue.

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Up My Butt – Part 1

Posted on February 25th, 2012  ♥  Tags:   anal insertion   bon4   chastity   collar   heels   leash   red   skirt   stockings   upskirt

I think I spammed it enough everywhere, but in case you missed it awhile ago I put up a page based on reader suggestion where you can submit things to me that you think I should put up my butt. The idea of it was so silly that I decided to do it and as it turned out, a lot of people have a lot of ideas about what they think I should put up my butt next.

Without further adeu, I present Part One of what may end up being a never ending series. On tonights agenda we have a “very long, very flexible” thing, my TV remote control, a baseball bat, and the heel of my shoe. 96 photos in this!

Another interesting note about this post, you can see some discoloration on my butt where some bruises from self-spanking are starting to go away. Teehee. I also have the BON4 device on.

Thanks to everyone who submitted these ideas! If you sent me one and it is not here, don’t worry I will be posting a lot of these in the future it looks like if my inbox is any indication. If you have an idea feel free to send it!

Click for the photo sets (96 photos!)

The Bon4 chastity device has landed

Posted on February 4th, 2012  ♥  Tags:   black   bon4   chastity   pantyhose   red   stockings

Earlier this week I found the Bon4 Plus set on sale at XR so I decided to finally grab it to replace the long lost CB6000. It came in yesterday, and I have been playing with sizing it since.

It came with a long and a short tube, though for me the long is a little too long if I am cold and the short is a little too short if I am warm. For I have tried both and for the time being I am going to try the long for a few days.

It is made out of silicone, so it is flexible and sticks to skin. This makes it very hard to put on but once it is on, it is very hard to get off. I ended up having to use a ball cuff to hold my balls down and in place while trying to get the base ring on.

I slept with it last night, and because it does stick to the skin it does not have the issues the CB had where an erection slides it all the way down pulling your balls off. It is also much more comfortable all the way around, in addition to the piece of mind knowing it is not going to split apart and pinch me.

  1. Route balls through base ring, stretch it over penis.
  2. Slide penis tube on.
  3. Route locking band through penis tube and ring binding them together.

Click for some pictures (includes penis)!

Sissy bondage maid for hire

Posted on June 5th, 2011  ♥  Tags:   cb6000   chastity   cuffs   gag   heels   maid   panties   petticoat   posture collar   wig

It is summer time again, I realized this when I was driving around yesterday and the thermometer in my car was reading over 100°F. To offset the power bill from the A/C running non-stop I like to go through my back room of crap and see if there is anything I can eBay or the like to put a few extra dollars in my pocket.

I am thinking this year I should take an ad out in the local newspaper for personal sissy bondage maid services instead. Hehe. Then I realized I would want payment in bondage, abuse, and misuse. You cannot exactly pay a power bill with that.

Maybe I should take the ad out anyway. :D

Click to see the photo set

My experiences with the CB-6000

Posted on January 18th, 2010  ♥  Tags:   cb6000   chastity

Also had some interest from people asking about the CB-6000 that I have been sporting for a while now. Here I will attempt to answer everybody in one shot. One thing that annoyed me when shopping the various devices of this nature was the lack of pictures showing how they look with an actual male inside them. So, I have included some of those as well.

  • No, it does not hurt. However it feels really awkward for the first day or two though. If you are trying to act natural chances are you will end up walking weird and people will be like “why is he walking weird” – so the trick is do not walk weird.
  • Yes, getting in is sort of difficult. I am just average sized and even with lube it is hard to get it in quick enough before accidentally arousing myself. At which point  just have to give up and try again because while aroused there is no chance of it ever happening.
  • No, I have not been able to pull out of it. I spent a good deal of time trying all the combinations of ring sizes and spacer sizes to find the tightest fit that still allowed for “comfortable” use while sleeping. (because I (and I think most males) end up having pretty hard erections while sleeping from muscles relaxing and such, much harder than normal even sometimes…)
  • Yes, shaving makes it much more comfortable and easier to put on. I prefer being shaved anyway, so the fit was good.
Clicking will open up the unpixelated version. Spoiler alert, it is a set of male genitals.



too tight! change ring/spacer size!


  • Why? Because I was told to. And when I no longer had that authoritative figure to demand it I just kept it up anyway as it is what I am used to.
  • I have found that it adds a unique sensation to anal play especially when using the largest items that I can take. With it was the first time I have ever been able to exhaust myself with an orgasm induced anally.
  • Yes, I have to sit down to pee (read: Yes, I have to pee like a girl).
  • No I do not think they are easy break, but I did manage to break mine. What I think happened was one night the pressure inside was just too great and it split the two halves apart toward the base, but not coming all the way apart. The result was that it would pinch me between the halves, which yes, was quite painful. A bottle of gorilla glue has since solved this issue.
  • No it does not prevent erections, but it does stunt them. Getting erect inside it as the same effect as shaking a bottle of soda pop. Gets hard, and if you throw it on the ground it will probably explode. I also go from using “most” of the space inside to being completely smashed within it using up every square millimetre. Doing so also makes the main ring tug on your balls, which I think is suppose to be the incentive to calm down.
  • Yes, it hides under clothing fine, at least for me. I wear blue jeans every day and I never had issues where I thought it was showing enough to look weird. Men have stuff there, people are used to seeing bulges here or there at least to me it looks no less natural than without.
  • No, I do not have to take it off to relube. Not had any issues with uncomfortableness from dryness. Being incase in a solid plastic tube tends to let it hold more moisture anyway it seems, like a greenhouse.
  • Longest I have worn it is a month straight. Which leads to:
  • To clean, in the shower soap and water gets in easy enough. I use a QTip and swish around the insides and be sure rinse it out inside well by staying in the shower an extra few minutes.

My New Toy – The CB6000

Posted on September 6th, 2009  ♥  Tags:   cb6000   chastity

9504-fMy new toy, the CB6000 came in this past week finally. Why? Honestly I have no idea, since I have no mistress/girlfriend to enforce it.

First thing that amused me was I was expecting to use the 2nd smallest sized of everything it had for fitting, so I thought. It was a nice ego boost when I had to jump up to the largest size outer ring and 2nd largest spacer pin. The cage itself is really hard to get on even with lube, once you start to get hard that is the end and you have to sit there and wait with the thing on the end of your penis waiting to be able to push it further on (which in itself is rather uncomfortable, hahah)

When it is on, it is on. I did not fully appreciate the feeling until sitting in the car, that position felt very interesting in the racing style bucket seats with the position it puts the legs in. I also never really thought about how many erections per day I had until they were stuck in this plastic cage. It was very hard to use the restroom after waking up the first morning from generic morning wood making me completely fill and push on the inside of the cage.

Clicking this will give you a full view of the CB6000 with my penis in it.

Clicking that image will give you a real view of the CB6000 with my penis in it.

But really since I have nobody here to enforce it, not sure what to do with it once the initial novelty wears off. Perhaps just leave it assembled with the proper sized parts in the bag haphazardly laying around just in the event I would want someone to stumble upon it, keke.