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Chained to the bed…

Posted on May 8th, 2013  ♥  Tags:   bondage   chain   nude   sleeping bondage   stockings

Unfortunately the forward facing camera on my phone is a lot lower resolution (as is par for the course with phones). I still think these two turned out really well though… using them on my phone and computer as wallpapers, lol.

Spread eagle with the anal hook on a posture bar

Posted on May 4th, 2013  ♥  Tags:   anal hook   black   bound   chain   grey   nude   posture bar   socks   spread eagle   white

Hello internet, long time no see. Got a new bed. It is structurally sound, yey! I promptly added 4 eyebolts to the inner frame hehe. I actually wanted to wait, I ordered some new wigs going to try something different… but for some reason they did not arrive today like USPS tracking said they would.  This 57 minute session is a variation of a thing I have done in the past with the anal hook on a spreader bar. At the end I played with it a little too.

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Kneeling and hanging by a chain

Posted on February 22nd, 2012  ♥  Tags:   bound   chain   heels   posture bar   posture collar   red   stockings

Originally I was going to be on the knees, hogtied by the posture bar so that I would be standing on the knees. It turns out that setup is much harder to keep balance on than I thought so I had to scrub it and replace it with a longer bar. 

With this longer bar locking the wrists behind creates a semi-strappado style position. It was very hard to lock the wrists to the eyelet on the bar in this setup.

Still, this is one of those I cannot suggest you do without supervision. If you try and do it too strict you could end up as the next autoerotic asphyxiation headline in the news paper. 

I would also like to take a moment to thank everyone who has been submitting suggestions for what goes up my butt next, lol. I will be compiling a list of yes and no soon, and then making it happen. It is extremely funny how popular this page is and some of the suggestions are things I never would have thought of. Go figure after 3 years everyone just wants to see me shove things up my butt, LOL.

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Sleeping double leashed

Posted on January 27th, 2012  ♥  Tags:   ball cuff   chain   collar   leash   sleeping bondage

This month my desire to be leashed has gotten to the point where it is nearly all I think about all day while at work, counting down the time for when I can go home. I just love feeling the weight of a chain attached to me, and the feeling as it pulls taught as I move near its limits. I cannot get enough of it. I just wish the other end was held by someone so that I was also subject to their movements, even movements that do not require I move just enough to shift the leash somehow.

Earlier in the week I installed some eyelets on my bed for a planned spread eagle session later on, however last night I used them to chain myself to the bed both from the balls and from the collar. I do not have any photos because first off it was pitch black I was going to sleep and second because I was not presentable. However I drew up the scenario because I wanted to share it still.

I sized up the chains such that while laying normally there is just a slight bit of slack so that I can sleep mostly normally and be able to adjust my position if needed. The chains are heavy enough that you can feel their weight while moving. However if I was to move too far from the starting spot, go fetal, or attempted to get up in the middle of the night there would be quite a yank received.

Chained kitty in pink

Posted on November 14th, 2011  ♥  Tags:   butt plug   chain   heels   kitty girl   leash   leg warmers   penis leash   pink   stockings   tail   wig

Putting my new pink outfit to work tonight as a pretty pink kitty. I love being leashed and feeling the weight of the chain. I’ve got the laptop in here while I wait for the ice to melt and swing the key down within reach of the chain. I can’t wait to get out of here though, later I am going to curl up in the cage for the night.

So here are some photos. Be warned, it contains more penis than most past sets.

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Chained for whom?

Posted on August 28th, 2011  ♥  Tags:   ball cuff   black   chain   corset   leash   leg warmers   penis leash   petticoat   posture collar   socks   white   wig

Over the course of two years on the Fetlife site I have had maybe a total of 10 private messages and 4 friend requests. I posted some of these photos to Fetlife on Friday night… and on Saturday morning I had 10 private messages and just as many friend requests. So I guess this photo set was pretty good?

When being walked around the house, being lead by the genitals is one of the most personal and interesting things to me… and a penis leash is tops because they give you some freedom in movement but not very far. The other end can be held by someone or when she is done with you, locked to something while she goes off to do something else. In this set I used the ball cuff to clip the chain to, and the weight of the chain was pretty pleasurable. I also like the clinky sounds it makes when walking around.

I selected the blurry photo for the thumbnail on purpose, because pretty much every image in this set has visible genitals.

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Tried and tested, time to use it

Posted on November 21st, 2010  ♥  Tags:   anal impaler   chain   corset   petticoat   posture collar   stockings

And this morning was the first full length full outfit use of the ass stand. Oi, wouldn’t this make a nice corner furniture piece for some dommie, propped up like a doll to be played with or backed up against and used?

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Revisiting the chained ball tie, but a little stricter

Posted on August 25th, 2010  ♥  Tags:   balltie   bound   chain   cuffs   heels   posture collar   zentai suit

After the first balltie with the chain I did this weekend, I wanted to try it again but making the chain a little bit tighter. In practice I made it a lot more tighter to the point where it was near impossible to scoot to get to the key when it dropped. Short story shorter – it was exhilarating. As is rare with me, at the very end I have included a video clip. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.


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Chained Balltie Session

Posted on August 21st, 2010  ♥  Tags:   balltie   boots   bound   chain   cuffs   posture collar   zentai suit

I decided to try something a little different today, and that being playing with the long chain. I generally  do not like to use it as the actual binding force because it is hard, stiff, and cold, but I was feeling frisky which had to be fixed. I also tend not to prefer the balltie position so it felt like it was time for that too.

I got a new iPhone 4, so now I have 3 cameras to record with! Hahah, however the third camera I forgot to empty its memory card prior, so it was only able to record the first 12 minutes of 40, but oh well; ended up getting good content with the other two.

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Experiment in tethering the stockades

Posted on February 6th, 2010  ♥  Tags:   boots   chain   ice release   stocks   zentai suit

The goal of this setup was to tether the stockades at four points such that when pulled tight it could not move forwards backwards left or right. I chained the two front corners down to the floor and then used a rope ratchet to pull the stocks back, pulling the chain tight. You can see in the top right of the photos the ice stocking release used to drop the key, the cord it was tied to causing it to swing up against the stocks where I could use my hand to undo the lock on the chain directly in front of it.

For the most part the setup worked well, however I did not think about moving up and down. As I started on my knees, when I realized I could sit lower the tethers were able to get a little slack to move around, however not very much, nowhere near enough slack to be able to escape.