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Nap time

Posted on November 16th, 2012  ♥  Tags:   ballet heels   black   bound   grey   sleeping bondage   stockings   teeshirt

If you have been watching Tumblr or Fetlife you may have noticed I have been spamming it these past few days. So I am 26 and my wisdom teeth are just now coming in and as it turns out playing around keeps my mind off the teething pain, lololol.

I had to take a break last night so I took a nap. Nothing fancy, in fact 48 minutes of the video are exactly this:

Because I literally just slept :p But here is a gallery of some of other frames anyway from before and after, lol.

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Kneeling anal hook predicament

Posted on January 16th, 2012  ♥  Tags:   anal hook   anal insertion   ball gag   ballet heels   bound   gag   posture bar   posture collar   predicament   red   stockings   strappado

This scenario was designed by sophiabod on the boundanna forums and I have had it bookmarked for a while, but still forgot all about it. Browsing my bookmarks out of bordem today yield that happy surprise.

The setup requires a hook or pully on the ceiling, with the point being once sized up you place an anal hook and assume a relaxed strappado position. When you get tired and try to sit the anal hook pulls on the rope which then pulls your arms up uncomfortably. This then becomes a game of resting legs and arms separately while waiting for the release.

This here is the setup. Image credits for that rendering go to Sophia on the boundanna forum link at the top. To address the issue of just standing up, I tied both legs together and put the ballet heels on – there is no way to shift and get up then.

Click to see the vid caps!

Doggy stocks in the doggy cage

Posted on August 2nd, 2011  ♥  Tags:   anal insertion   ballet heels   blue   bound   cage   cuffs   panties   posture collar   socks   wig

This is one of those photo sets that I like a lot purely because the passage of time is pretty obvious. Once in the cage and strapped down, there is not much to do but a whole lot of nothing so I spaced out the vid caps over the course of the hour and a half. The ambient room light from the window gets dimmer and dimmer…

Not really sure why my phone took such small video normally it takes what Apple calls “HD” video. Though it is not HD in my opinion it is just really big.

Seriously though, once in and strapped down there is literally *nothing* to do but wait for the key to fall down into the cage and enjoy the ride. Heheh.

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This is winning – fan art puts ME in an oral submission game

Posted on June 10th, 2011  ♥  Tags:   ballet heels   blindfold   collar   cuffs   deepthroat   oral submission   panties   pantyhose   wig

I was at work bored out of my mind as I am set on a rather tedious set of tasks. My job is mostly private enough to where I can read boundanna and my personal email every now and then.

So during the day I got the most interesting letter from coolguy1985 on the forums. It had what at the time was a vague Subject to me, but by the time I got into it, it ended in a super mega happy smile. It went something like this. It was a long letter full of love and stuff, here are the bits that are relevant to this post.

I assume that you know the flash game SDT, but if you don’t then I’m shocked, and you should know about it.

This game, STD, or SuperDeepthroat I have never seen or heard of. The basic idea is that it is a downloadable Flash game where you can build custom anime girls and make them deepthroat someone. It is complete with spit, drool, cum, gagging, and everything. It has some interesting physics and somehow, is very addicting.

Anyway, I’ve played around with this game a while and the other day I thought ‘why not try to make a tiesthatbindme character?’ The game is a perfect fit considering that you’ve got: pantyhose, panties, heels, cuffs, collars, gags, wigs etc. So I made what I feel is a successful interpretation of you, in game, complete with your black wig; load the character I made and ‘have fun’

I’m in a game! Here I am:

I must say, I think she is a bit more fit than me, now that it is summer I need to get back to the gym to do my cardio fat burning stuff again. But I totally see it, a fair representation indeed.

To load me up in the game, go to the Options menu, Modding tab. There is a text field for “Custom Game Data”. Copy and paste the following into it and click load. It is a very long line of text and you need it all. Copy it and then right click and Paste in the game. Go ahead, load me up. Send me screenshots of how nasty you can get me heheheh.



I know you’re a fan of toys, but I don’t really know your status on oral submission / practicing oral while CD’d ect, so if you’re not a fan then oops but considering how submissive you are I hope you do enjoy!

I am a fan now! I felt compelled to make this happen. I do have some ring gags but none of them would work. The one that fits my mouth is a strong thick ring and would not allow a penis simulant (teehee dildo) to pass through. The ring that does let the dildo I have pass through does not fit in my mouth. But other than that, I can make this happen.

I went to the store to get the dark red blindfold and a way to mount a dildo to a wall. Then I was set.

Click for some photo sets of SDT and more!

Black cherry is one of my top flavours

Posted on May 7th, 2011  ♥  Tags:   ballet heels   pantyhose   photography

Got woke up earlier than I would have liked on the weekend with work problems. It is nice and sunny today though.

I like to layer hoses and stockings for new effects. This morning is no exception. Using a pair of the dark red hose and a pair of “silken mist” black sheers, I ended up with a slightly shiny black cherry colour; which happens to be one of my top favourites.

If you ever wanted to win my heart, show up with a can or bottle of black cherry soda pop. mmm.

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Covered in grey pantyhose

Posted on April 10th, 2011  ♥  Tags:   ballet heels   grey   pantyhose   wig

I made a post on the Bound Anna forums about how I cut an old pair of pantyhose into a bra/top, and someone on the forum had talked about how they also done that before but did not cut off the legs like I had. I decided to try this. The end result was pretty awesome. I slept in it too and it made it feel like I had silk sheets over my entire body.

To do this, all I did was take a control top pair of pantyhose and cut out the reinforced crotch pad thing and then put it on like a shirt. Because the control tops are tall, the top and the bottom overlapped leaving everything but my head encased. This might be a gateway into encasement fetish lol. Thanks Lorraine!

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Bent over in stocks on the bed

Posted on February 15th, 2011  ♥  Tags:   ballet heels   bound   stocks   zentai suit

Rounded off the edges of the wrist holes, which made the new stocks much more comfortable. It is still not done, but it is usable. Hehe.

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So this is a figging bench…

Posted on September 5th, 2010  ♥  Tags:   ballet heels   bodystocking   bound   figging   hood   spreader bar   stocks

Took my coffee table, padded it, strapped the stocks to it. Wah-la, I now have another perfect spanking/figging/forced bench. Today I went the route of trying figging again. I used a rope ratchet to strap the stocks on, and another underneath to pull the knee tie up close to the table and keep it there. I also cut a rather nice sized piece of the ginger root for this.

Keeping with the first time I tried this, it was once again mindblowing. It starts out as nothing, then builds, then builds, 20min later I realized my entire body was shaking against the stocks and table it was bound to, and there was no give, yet alone escape!

Click for vidcap galleres.

Calling this a… Hog Bar Tie?

Posted on July 1st, 2010  ♥  Tags:   ballet heels   bound   posture collar   zentai suit

Long bar, each end has an eyelet. The idea was to loop one end of the eyelet into the cinch tie on the kness, then force a hog position by having the bar push down the cinch tie on the ankles. Then the other end gets locked to the back of the collar. I planned to have my hands behind my back, but there was too much force being exerted on the collar so I had the wrists help pull the bar down.


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Frogtie Session

Posted on June 15th, 2010  ♥  Tags:   ballet heels   bound   cuffs   frogtie   posture collar   zentai suit

Granted I staged most of this with the purpose of taking photos of showing what type of positions the frogtie works in, but I still enjoyed it! Do you have any idea how hard it is to set up a camera while wearing a posture bar behind your back? LOL! Quite a challenge, let me tell you.

I would however like to highlight one position here, I am calling it the ultimate frogtie. It happened when I locked my wrists to my posture collar, I bent down to get on all fours and felt like a real frog… except for the inability to jump (and I tried hehe).

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