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The Anal Hook
The Anal Hook
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XL Stainless Steel Anal Hook Ball
XL Stainless Steel Anal Hook Ball
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Stainless Steel Anal Hook
Stainless Steel Anal Hook
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Trying a new way of holding the tail in

Posted on May 13th, 2013  ♥  Tags:   anal hook   diy   kitty girl   tail

The biggest issue with the tail butt plugs is that you cannot sit down with them. Second being that they can be difficult to keep in… especially if people are going to want to yank on it. And they will. Third, tails do not come out of the anus on any animal, so it technically looks a little unnatural. The other day when I was playing with the anal hook I got an idea…

It is mounted to the top of what is basically a much smaller anal hook, the hook has been sized such that it squeezes the body when it is inserted. The cheeks keep it upright, the anal hook keeps it in, and, the best part, I can sit down on things comfortably with it in. Because of the tail being mounted to the top of the hook the tail appears to come out of the body at a higher point above the ass, looking a lot more natural for how tails work.

With a little longer of a hook I would even be able to wear low rise panties or pants with the tail in without having to cut a hole in them – though if too long of a hook the tail will be too high and again be unnatural.

Spread eagle with the anal hook on a posture bar

Posted on May 4th, 2013  ♥  Tags:   anal hook   black   bound   chain   grey   nude   posture bar   socks   spread eagle   white

Hello internet, long time no see. Got a new bed. It is structurally sound, yey! I promptly added 4 eyebolts to the inner frame hehe. I actually wanted to wait, I ordered some new wigs going to try something different… but for some reason they did not arrive today like USPS tracking said they would.  This 57 minute session is a variation of a thing I have done in the past with the anal hook on a spreader bar. At the end I played with it a little too.

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Kneeling anal hook predicament

Posted on January 16th, 2012  ♥  Tags:   anal hook   anal insertion   ball gag   ballet heels   bound   gag   posture bar   posture collar   predicament   red   stockings   strappado

This scenario was designed by sophiabod on the boundanna forums and I have had it bookmarked for a while, but still forgot all about it. Browsing my bookmarks out of bordem today yield that happy surprise.

The setup requires a hook or pully on the ceiling, with the point being once sized up you place an anal hook and assume a relaxed strappado position. When you get tired and try to sit the anal hook pulls on the rope which then pulls your arms up uncomfortably. This then becomes a game of resting legs and arms separately while waiting for the release.

This here is the setup. Image credits for that rendering go to Sophia on the boundanna forum link at the top. To address the issue of just standing up, I tied both legs together and put the ballet heels on – there is no way to shift and get up then.

Click to see the vid caps!

Hogtied school girl

Posted on November 19th, 2011  ♥  Tags:   anal hook   black   cuffs   heels   hogtie   posture bar   posture collar   red   school girl   skirt   socks

Using a slightly longer version of the bar from the previous post I was able to hold a hogtie which actually was a lot more comfortable than I expected. It was hard to get in because that jacket is too small. The only thing that could have made it better I guess would be if I hadn’t had to get into it myself.

It is the first time I have done such a strict and comfortable hogtie and it was great. This is not a very long photo set because well, there is not much one can do once all the locks are locked on this bar. What little bit of wiggle room this may have afforded was locked down by the anal hook.

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I am calling it an Anal Posture Hook

Posted on November 17th, 2011  ♥  Tags:   anal hook   ball cuff   black   blue   bound   cuffs   heels   posture bar   posture collar   stockings   wig

Originally tonight I was going to play with the doggy stocks, but with a posture bar and arms behind the back instead of locked to the stocks. While I was finding the right sized bar, I had this idea of putting the hook on it instead. So the bar itself locks to the back of the collar, and the wrists still get locked at the bottom, but the bar itself has the hook attached at a distance from the neck to force a curved back.

I do not think this could have worked any better. It was so snug and felt great. Walking was a very unique feeling, since everything that would move at the bar causes the hook to play around inside. I am pretty sure this is one of my new favourites.

This is made out of two photo sets. The first set was me playing around taking photos before trying the bar, and the second set is a set of vid captures of putting the bar on. Be warned it contains a lot of penis. (ok, not that much, it is a tad cold here today heheh)

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Hook, line, and harness

Posted on July 7th, 2011  ♥  Tags:   anal hook   heels   karada   posture collar   wig

This is an idea I have been working on for quite some time now, but just not been able to produce something that looked half way presentable. The goal was to make a karada type harness, but using the anal hook as the main mount point not the loop around the neck. The problem is that this sort of makes the karada upside-down and backwards.

The rope was long enough that i could feed it up through the collar and now there is an acceptable leash. An interesting note about that, when the leash is pulled on everything gets a bit tighter – the sides, crotch, and hook, everything. I would venture to imagine it would be quite an effective pet training harness.

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Viciously cold anal hook idea

Posted on March 12th, 2010  ♥  Tags:   anal hook

Living alone makes this a lot easier to do… but… the other day I had this crazy idea of (after washing it!) putting my metal anal hook in the refrigerator. Just used it today in a quick hour ball tie and it was one of the more vicious anal things I have experienced thus far!

I am pretty sure it is safe enough to do this, however I would NOT recommend putting it in the freezer. Not only does cold make metal brittle, but also there is probably a chance of freezing your insides to it just like sticking your tounge to a flag pole in winter. Fridge good, Freezer bad.

Butt Plug Lust

Posted on March 10th, 2010  ♥  Tags:   anal hook   butt plug

There is something about being completely immobilized, helpless, at the mercy of time and engineering. For me nothing heightens those feelings as much as being gagged and plugged, with much more emphasis on the plug. My favourite plugs so far have been the boring plain shaped ones. I have a set of them of different sizes, because the type of feeling I want from them changes as frequent as my mood or the weather.

One of my favourites is “The Barrel”, I had gotten it from extremerestraints and at its widest point, it is wider than a Coke can. It is so uncomfortable to walk with, and near impossible to sit with, so I generally only use it when finishing myself off, though even at its size if left in long enough it makes itself at home.

The anal hook is another object of pure intimidation. I have a hard time crafting up ways to use this in self bondage, since they are generally used in complex hogties, and other positions that require you to be in a bind – all of which are very difficult to do alone comfortably for any length of time.

Very involved balltie – Session One

Posted on February 20th, 2010  ♥  Tags:   anal hook   bound   cuffs   frogtie   posture collar

I modified my original scenario just a little, with the removal of the posture bar and instead locking the wrist cuffs to the anal hook. While bondage fills many purposes, I do it for immobility more than discomfort. I much prefer comfortable long term bondage, ties that can last hours safely instead of one hour max. The posture bar idea was good, but because of the curved back nature of the ball tie the arms were pulled too far up by the stiff bar, and hands quickly went numb. As the hands were my primary escape by way of padlock key falling from ice, I could not have that for how long I wanted the session to last.

The worst (read, best) part of this session was when inserting the anal hook and pulling it tight, as then bending over to tie down the collar pulled the anal hook in even harder. Another benefit to locking the wrists to the hook was that every movement of the arms and shoulders would translate into the hook, thusly translating to inside my arse.

I recorded the session from two different cameras at two different angles. This set here is from the camera to my right side.

Click to continue reading and see the vidcaptures…

Very involved balltie in my weekend plans.

Posted on February 19th, 2010  ♥  Tags:   anal hook   cuffs   frogtie   posture bar   posture collar   scene

I have been trying several pure ballties with not very much success, it is one of the hardest ties to do alone I think, as in the end you should have complete immobility while curled up in a tiny ball. Getting out is also very hard and usually is accomplished by cutting ropes, which I cannot bring myself to do heheh. I have also been trying to come up with more ways to incorporate the anal hook into my ties.

The DIY posture bar which has been a proven success for me for both durability and usability adds to this rigidity and as well as ease of escape once the key drops within range.

So this is my plan for this weekend, I plan to vidcap the experience to get some real pictures of it to post as well.